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Creating high vibration products

About Us

The love of making a natural product, the mantra of "FIRST DO NO HARM", the desire to help people through the effects of our products to feel better physically and spiritually.

It seems that many people share our views about natural health products as our sales are on a radical growth curve.

The Skintopia experience is an all round BODY, MIND & SOUL journey. Once you have tried the Skintopia way you will never be the same again.

Natural living is the only living...  That is what Skintopia is all about!  Our products are handmade and manufactured in Dullstroom.  With our own harvested herbs and ingredients.  Our imported raw products are sourced from the best merchants in the field ensuring quality and availability at all times.  We manufacture and develop the best top quality skin products.  We keep it pure, simple and natural.  We guarantee that Skintopia products work wonders and will definitely enhance your life.  Ensuring that your over-all well-being will only benefit by using natural products.  It's a lifestyle.  

Nature is our teacher


UTOPIA - Ideal Place, Paradise, Heaven, Heaven on Earth, Eden, Garden of Eden, Shangri-La, Elysium, the Elysian Fields, Happy Valley, Seventh Heaven, Idyll, Nirvana, Bliss

SKIN: The body's outer covering, which protects against heat and light, injury, and infection.


Our nature

We believe in gratitude to nature and the universe. The healing plants of mother earth and the correct combination of  flowers, herbs and oils to create healing, soothing and relaxing products. 

We recognise that all repairs and preventative situations comes from self. 

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